A blog makeover

I was recently contacted by Alysia Shivers, whose blog www.aroundtownwithalysia.com¬†was in need of some sprucing up. Alysia is a Realtor for John R. Wood Realtors and blogs about various sites and things she finds during her daily travels around town in Naples, FL. Alysia’s blog was already up and running on WordPress using the default Ten Twenty theme before I came into the picture. The Ten Twenty them is a very nice and clean theme but can be somewhat lacking in color and and graphics. Alysia had a friend create a cool header of polaroid photos and text on a blue wood background, but the rest of the site was in need of some attention. She hired Blue Turtle Graphics to take her existing blog site and “dress it up” so-to-speak. Using the aqua blue color already in the header, I came up with a color palette of additional colors (tan and orange) to use throughout the site for links, navigation, sidebar boxes, etc. The background color was a light gray which I replaced with a subtle gray texture. Alysia also asked that I add her various social media links to the site as well as add an RSS email subscription signup box. Instead of editing the color and graphics of the Ten Twenty theme, I used a child theme. A child theme, is a theme created off of parent theme, such as Ten Twenty. It allows for changing the look of the site without editing any code in the parent theme. This means that she will be able to keep her theme Ten Twenty up to date without it overwriting the changes we make to the look of her blog. Check out www.aroundtownwithalysia.com to see what a difference a little color and extra graphics can make to an otherwise plan-looking theme.

before photo

AroundTownWithAlysia.com - Before

after photo

AroundTownWithAlysia.com - After

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