Blue Turtle Graphics is a Fort Myers web design, logo design and graphic design company owned and operated by veteran designer, Kim Smith. As your go-to studio, we get to know your company and it’s core business so that we may provide you with the most creative and unique design solution to help you stand out from your competitors. Our experience and passion drives us as well as our desire to make you successful.

About Kim

onbikeKim Smith’s passion for art and design developed at a young age. Among her high school friends, she was the only one who knew going into college what she wanted her major to be (art and graphic design). Somewhat sidetracked and intrigued by photography, she came close to finishing with a double concentration in graphic design and photography. Design eventually won out but her passion for photography remains.  Kim has worked in various disciplines of graphic design, from publishing and printing to agency and in-house marketing.  As an in-house graphic designer for a luxury real estate developer, she was responsible for overall art direction of collateral, sales materials, displays and advertising of multiple communities as well as corporate branding initiatives. Producing various types of media, Kim has successfully collaborated with PR/Marketing firms, printers, illustrators, photographers and web developers.  In 2008, Kim launched Blue Turtle Graphics, a small digital design studio based in southwest Florida.  With over 18 years experience, she blends her passion for design and photography with her technical acumen to craft unique design concepts and user-friendly websites.

Kim lives in southwest Florida and in her “free” time enjoys photography, kayaking, scuba diving and reading.  She has an unhealthy obsession for good beer and bootcamp and can occasionally be found posting photos of her dachshund, Sophie, at

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So, what’s with the name?

Many times, I’ve been asked where the name Blue Turtle Graphics came from. When I began my business, I wanted to choose a name that reflected me as an individual. Living in southwest Florida, my life revolves around the ocean: from boating, kayaking and going to the beach to snorkeling and scuba diving. Sea turtles have and always will be my favorite thing to find swimming in the water.  Existing on earth for an estimated 65 million years, sea turtles are often a symbol for stability and longevity.  What better qualities other than resilience and steadfastness are there to name your company after? So why Blue Turtle? Blue is the color of the ocean and just so happens to be one of my favorite colors, so Blue Turtle Graphics seemed like a natural choice!